Wu Style Tai Chi Chuan

This class is for serious students who can dedicate themselves to a daily practice in order to learn the Wu Style Tai Chi long form.  This is a beautiful form that will bring strength, grace, fluidity and balance to your body.  We will explore deep body awareness, alignment, and relaxation that will change the way you feel.  

Instruction begins with learning the specific movements and memorizing them like steps in a dance.  As the student gains some mastery of the moves, I assist in adjusting posture and alignment to encourage more relaxation and fluidity in the body.  With experience, we work together to enhance the flow of chi throughout our whole energetic system. 

As the instructor, I provide strong support for your practice, and gentle feedback for your physical and energetic development.  

Tai Chi is a life-long practice.  The longer you do it the better it gets.  The benefits begin immediately, and the learning goes on indefinitely.

Tai Chi for the Chronologically Advantaged

This class is designed specifically for those in their elder years who want to develop better balance, flexibility and strength.  Utilizing simple moves originating from the tai chi form, you will gain the benefits of the movement, without having to memorize a long tai chi sequence.  

Using slow, gentle movement, we can deepen our body awareness which gives rise togreater fluidity in the joints, the muscles and the connective tissue.  

Tai chi has been proven to reduce susceptibility to falling, reduce pain from arthritis, and lower blood pressure.

Come have fun with us as we stay as young as we can be.